Find the job that suits you at Callistorea.

We are looking for Craftsmen, but also personalities! You will thrive in a team that gives meaning to your career because we provide our employees with a rewarding framework that encourages initiative.

Lucie et Wendy

Your career at Callistorea,
6 reasons to join us:

We listen to and respect the expectations and know-how of our employees in terms of project variety. From high-end jewellery to series of jewellery or the creation of unique pieces, we have a strong interest in evolving skills and avoiding monotony in your work.

The workshop is bright, spacious, and ideally located. We provide quality materials and a personalized training plan for each person.
We set bonuses on targets, give a profit share, and offer you an employee savings and retirement plan (Arcancia).

Extra benefits:

  • 15 minutes’ walk from the Promenade des Anglais and the sea
  • 5 minutes from the SNCF transport station
  • 5 minutes by car from nice airport
  • Private car park

From research to production to marketing, we are rigorous across the entire product value chain. This mastery of the entire life cycle of the jewel represents a real guarantee of quality and traceability. We are proud to have the Joaillerie de France label and RJC certification.

Callistorea is driven by a spirit of “entrepreneur-creators” who care about the well-being of their employees. Balance, high standards and kindness, professional and personal life, protection of the employee and their family and well-being are the pillars of a lasting relationship at Callistorea.

We promote exchange, team cohesion and mutual assistance between all employees for work in a serene environment. We are committed to valuing the role of everyone in the dynamics of the company. We encourage self-transcendence and initiative.

At Callistorea, we are committed to supporting our employees in mastering our know-how. We train each newcomer on the techniques of high-end and midrange jewellery.

“Callistorea offers each of its employees the opportunity to flourish and develop in a caring and family environment. We encourage mutual aid, exchange, and the transmission of know-how.”

Alexandre VIALE, co-founder of Callistorea


Polisher and model maker

“I’m a polisher, jeweller and model maker. It’s a real added value because the models multiply the range of possibilities. They are essential for visualising the future piece of jewellery. In my opinion, respect and kindness are the watchwords of the Callistorea workshop. As well as working with the latest high-quality equipment, I’m versatile in my work. I can work in peace and quiet, and that’s what I appreciate about my job.”

Motto: “The only way to do extraordinary work is to love what you are doing !”

Portrait de Emilie
Portrait de Laurent


Setter at Callistorea

“What I love about Callistorea is the friendliness, mutual help and family spirit. We all know each other, and we help each other as much as possible. It’s motivating to work for a company that values and cares for its employees. The closeness to the bosses and the trust they place in me allow me to be autonomous and flexible in my work.”

Motto: “It takes a special mindset to be a setter!”


Bijoutière-Joaillière et dessinatrice

“I’m one of the workshop’s first jewelers, and I’m proud to have joined the adventure. I’m glad to be able to pass on my skills and knowledge to the newcomers.

Thanks to Callistorea, I can express my creativity in a healthy environment, with directors who are accessible, flexible and attentive. The gouaches I draw allow customers to project themselves and give the creative intent of the future piece of jewelry. “

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We recruit talented jewellers, fine jewellers, setters, but above all personalities.

Jeweller (M/F)

As part of our growth, and in response to the increase in our subcontracting activity for the major jewellery houses in Place Vendôme, we are ...
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Polisher (M/F)

As part of Callistorea's growth, and to meet an increase in demand, we are looking for new polishers.
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